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Jul 2, - But just like George Washington and his cherry tree, that majestic call is a myth. The screech associated with the bald eagle, in fact, belongs.
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Daily life of the American eagle: early phase. Auk Daily life of the American eagle: early phase concluded. The American eagle: a study in natural and cultural history. New York: Appleton Century. Close Herrick , on nesting habits; Bent Bent, A. Life histories of North American birds of prey, Part 1. United States National Museum Bulletin Close Bent b detailed basics on life history; Broley Broley, C. Migration and nesting of Florida Bald Eagles. Wilson Bulletin Close Broley , Broley, C. Plight of the American Bald Eagle.

Audubon Hickey Eggshell changes in certain North American birds. Voous, Editor. Brill, Leiden, Netherlands. Science Close Grier documented population recovery post-DDT. Two excellent contemporary books on the species by Stalmaster Stalmaster, M. The Bald Eagle. In Rome, I was the symbol of Jupiter, the supreme Roman god. The Romans saw me as the symbol of victory. As the Roman legions conquered the World, they marched under the standard of the Eagle, with outstretched wings.

I became the personal emblem of the Caesars, thus representing supreme authority. The rise of Christianity brought me still more honor. To the early Christians, the Eagle was the symbol of Ascension. This was due to the strong flight of the Eagle with its gaze fixed upon the sun. In early icons, I was known as the symbol of Saint John the Evangelist.

On June 20, , I became the symbol of a new country. Because of my courage and beauty, I was chosen to symbolize the new United States of America. The eagle became a prominent feature of the Seal of State of the new republic. From this early beginning, I have been used in many ways to symbolize the ideals of this country.

Several states have the eagle on their state flags. You can find me on the coins of America from the beginning to the present day.

I have a prominent place in America, as in ancient Rome, as a symbol of power and authority. The emblem of the President, Vice-President, several members of the President's Cabinet, and most branches of the military center on the Eagle. From the symbol of the Caesars to the emblem of this country, it was thus fitting that the Eagle should have a part in the most momentous achievement of man. Man was on the Moon.

Help! I found a Dead or Injured Eagle!

In , following the traditions as old as man himself, the Boy Scouts of America chose the Eagle to symbolize the very highest in achievement. Through all of history, I have been the symbol of man's best; now I am the symbol of Scouting's best. I have the honor of giving you the Eagle Scout charge on the occasion of the elevation to the highest award in Scouting. The Scouts of all nations constitute one of the most meaningful and significant movements in the world's history. You have been judged by the Boy Scouts of America as being worthy of this honor. All who know you rejoice in your achievement.

Your position, as you well know, is one of honor and responsibility. You are a marked man.

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As an Eagle Scout, you have assumed a solemn obligation to do your duty to God, to country, to your fellow Scouts, and to mankind in general. This is a great undertaking. As you live up to your obligations, you bring honor to yourself and to your brother Scouts.

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America has many good things to give you and your children after you; but these good things depend for the most part on the quality of her citizens. Our country has had a great past. You can help make the future even greater. I charge you to undertake your citizenship with solemn dedication.

Be a leader, but lead only toward the best. Lift up every task you do and every office your hold to the highest level of service to God and to your fellow man.

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  8. So live and serve that those who know you will be inspired to finer living. We have too many who use their strength and their brains to exploit others and to gain selfish ends. I charge you to be among those who dedicate their skills and ability to the common good. Build American on the solid foundation of clean living, honest work, unselfish citizenship, and reverence for God; and, whatever others may do, you will leave behind you record of which every other Scout my be justly proud.

    As an Eagle Scout, you become a guide to other Scouts. You become an example in your community. Remember that your actions are now a little more conspicuous and people will expect more of you. To falter in your responsibility would reflect no only on you, but on your fellow Eagles and all of Scouting. The torch you carry is not only yours, but is also ours. Before the Eagle Award is bestowed upon you, I am going to ask the Honor Guard to escort your parents to your side.

    By now you probably think we will never get around to presenting your badge. Well you are wrong.

    The time has finally come and the honor of pinning your Eagle on your uniform rightfully falls to the persons most responsible for your being here, your parents. It is now time to formally present this high badge of accomplishment. By the authority vested in me by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America, it is my privilege and pleasure to pronounce you an Eagle Scout. Your mother has undoubtedly been your greatest source of inspiration in your quest for the Eagle Award.

    I am going to ask that she pin your Eagle award on your left pocket. In recognition of fatherly advice and guidance along the trail to Eagle, I will ask this Eagle Scout's father now to present to his son the Eagle Scout certificate and personal letter of commendation from the Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America.

    Scoutmaster or father should read the letter before presenting. As the symbol of what his mother has made possible, the court will now ask this Eagle to present his mother with this Eagle Mother's pin.

    The Erie Nest – A Story of Courage & Resolution, Heartbreak & Determination

    As the symbol of what his father has made possible, the court will now ask this Eagle to present his father with this Eagle tie tack. Right handshake should be used for each of the parents. May I congratulate you again, and may I remind you that Scouting should now become an even greater tie between the son and parents, binding you even more closely as a family. It can be read by another Eagle's mother and then the Eagle recipient presents his mother with 7 red roses.


    The path of a boy from Scout To Eagle is long and often times hard. He does not travel the "Trail To Eagle" alone. Many people have been involved with him in his process. There is one person in particular that is honored in addition to the Eagle Scout, that person is his mother. From that first overnight camp-out to the pinning on of his Eagle, she has shared the adventures of Scouting with her son in a special way.

    She has been there to share his excitement of camping and hiking with his brother scouts. She has washed load after load of duty clothes brought home from camping trips. Most important of all, she has been there for her son when the going got rough and spirits low, as only a mother can. Her love has been an important ingredient in her son's achievement. We honor her today with the presentation of seven red roses, each rose a symbol of rank in the seven ranks of Scouting. Darnall Daley, Jr. Did you not see him pass?

    Elements of an Eagle ceremony

    He'd gone to be a Tiger Cub And then a Wolf was he. He learned to carve the pinewood car, And sing the songs with glee. And after that he was a Bear, And then a Webelos Scout. Crossed over to be a Boy Scout, And shown what kindness meant.