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Animal and nature spirits and gifts abound to guide and help us in understanding the meaning of life and the universe. All the answers are here in plain sight but we are destroying it instead. Ayokemi Otulana. This a book every true beleiver of Jesus must read, bcoz it help us in our pilgrim journey.

It's such a wonderful book. I enjoyed it and it has really helped me in my way of practical christain life. None of us will be left out. A great book for every true pilgrims. The description is exactly our journey to where we came from if we must make it then read and practice it. So inspiring and makes one to be heavenly conscious.

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It is ever green. An excellent allegorical book outlining a pilgrim's pathway here on earth. A must read right after the Bible itself. Christians generally consider the Christian pathway to be a cheery one that ushers them to heaven in the end. However, little do we realize that the earth is truly Enemy Territory and that the pathway is therefore strewn with danger. But this is nothing to fear, as our pilgrim finds out - since we have the constant ministry of Christ, our High Priest, helping us stay away from danger - and if by any misadventure, the Pilgrim is led away from following the footsteps of the master, there's His ministry as the Advocate.

Great book - again, a must read.

The Pilgrim's Progress

Books added this week view all. Boys' Make-at-Home Things. Women of Belgium Turning Tragedy to Triumph. Sketches of the War. The Teenie Weenies in the Wildwood. Under Honour's Flag. A New Era of Thought. The Log of the Ark by Noah. The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. Wolf Ear the Indian. Man Alone. The importance of using the Bible as a guiding principle in life, of traveling not just geographically but also spiritually, the emphasis on community living and of the companionship of fellow people and many other themes. The story begins with a detailed explanation by the author in which he explains his beliefs about misconceptions in people's minds about religion and fiction.

He examines the role of stories and parables in the Bible and how they are used to teach us certain lessons about life. The narration goes on to portray a dream that the narrator has once when he is wandering in the wilderness.

Pilgrim's Progress: Pilgrim's Progress: Part Two, Section X.

In the dream, a man named Christian is visited by a spiritual guide called Evangelist who urges him to leave his home in the City of Destruction and embark on an arduous journey to the Celestial City. Christian's family and friends refuse to go with him and he finally leaves alone, carrying a heavy burden. The rest of the book describes the strange and laborious journey, punctuated by grief, disappointment, fear and many difficulties. Each of these incidents are portrayed as different people or places that Christian has to pass or overcome before he can continue on his journey and reach his final glorious destination.

The book received enormous acclaim and went on to become one of the most popular religious texts in Christianity. It was translated into many languages and was used by preachers and missionaries the world over. Of course, like most narrative devices that involve toying with the universe, it comes with a price. When Katie starts to make bigger changes to one part of her life, she finds it means losing control somewhere else. And her constant "revisions" also start to generate a creeping, peripheral sense of rot, like the dirty dishes in the sink you don't want to acknowledge.

It can be anything in your life—something that you're not dealing with that gets out of control while you're trying to control something else," says O'Malley.


If coming-of-age stories tend to be about stepping up and finally making choices as an adult, then Seconds is about learning to live with those choices. Katie's desire to undo her mistakes is driven not by laziness but by perfectionism, the fear of failure and and desire for control that often haunts—and occasionally destroys—ambitious go-getters. We all want to have our cake and eat it too.

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