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Molly Brown's Post-Graduate Days [Nell Speed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Oh, Judy, almost home! I wonder who will meet us, .
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She thought of hermother, her brothers and sisters; the decrepit old cook, Aunt MaryMorton; Shep and Gyp, the dogs; her horse, President, no longer young,having lived through four administrations, but still having more go inhim than many a colt, showing his fine racing blood and the "mettle ofhis pasture. They had seven boxes of candy presented at parting by various friends.

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Alarge basket of fruit was added to their cares, put on the Pullman inNew York by the resourceful Jimmy Lufton, with instructions to theporter to give it to the two prettiest girls who got on at Wellington,with through sleeper to Kentucky. There were the inevitable shirtwaistsfound in Molly's bottom drawer; books and what not, lent to variousgirls and returned too late to pack; and some belated laundry that Mollyhad not had the heart to worry her old friend, Mrs.

Murphy,about--collars, jabots, and the muslin sash curtains from her room atcollege that Molly could not make up her mind to put in her trunk intheir dusty state. These things were put in a bulging box and labeled byJudy, quoting the immortal Mr. Venus, "Bones Warious. Murphy called my 'jawbones.


If Kent meets us he is sureto tease me, and you know how badly I take a teasing. He says he islopsided now from carrying his sisters' clothes that they have forgottento pack in their trunks. Besides, you can't fool Kent. He knows me and mybundles too well. Here we are," added Molly hastily, "and there is Kentto meet us, driving the colts, if you please.

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It is a good thing you arenot Nance Oldham. She will not consent to ride behind any colt youngerthan ten years old! And your train ontime, too! That is such a rare occurrence that I have an idea it may beyesterday's train. You don't mean to say that this is all of theemergency baggage you are carrying? The girls giggled, and Kent discovered the conglomeratecollection of packages that the porter had hastily dumped by the side ofthe track. Molly beat a hasty retreat into the station, declaring that she mustspeak to Mrs. Woodsmall, the postmistress, thus hoping to avoid theinevitable teasing from her big brother.

Judy, with the spirit andsomewhat the expression of a Christian martyr, picked up the aforesaiddespised, bumpy, bulging bundle, and, with a sweet smile, said: "This ismine, Mr. Will you please take it? The rest of the things areboxes of candy and parting gifts from various friends. Now, in the last hasty handling, the porter hadloosened the much knotted string, the paper had burst, and from theyawning gash there had crept a bit of blue ribbon, Molly's own blue.

Judy, with her ever-ready imagination, had been heard to call it "theblue of chivalry and romance, the blue of distant mountains and deepseas. In fact, the young lady had been sotaken with it that she had practiced the expression before her mirrorfor half an hour and then held it until she could try it on the firstperson passing by. That person happened to be Edith Williams, who hadremarked: "Gracious me, Judy, what is the matter? I feel as though youwere some one in a hogshead looking through the bunghole at me.

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It was exactly the expression she was aiming for, but shewas sorry that she had not thought of the apt description herself. Don'tyou know you can't fool me about a Brown bundle? I could pick one out ofthe hold of an ocean liner in the dark, just by the lumpy, bumpy feel ofit. Besides"--pointing to the bit of blue ribbon spilling through thewidening tear--"there are Molly's honest old eyes peeping out, telling methat this little subterfuge of yours is just an act of true friendshipon your part, to keep me from teasing her about her slipshod method ofpacking.

I tell you what I will do, Miss Judy, if you will do somethingfor me. I'll make a compact with you, and promise to go the whole ofthis day without teasing Molly. Don't call me Mr.